Saturday, November 20, 2010

50% off Ace Hardware Coupon plus others

There are great coupons for everyone on here:

If you haven't checked out this website before you really should.
They have a coupon for a 50% off one item at Ace Hardware, $10 off Rack Room Shoes and Christmas DVD coupons like Miracle on 34th Street.  They have loads of grocery store coupons also.

Here is a quick tip for not wasting paper when you print coupons. Did you know that most printers will take sheets of paper that may only be about 2/3 the original size? So if you only print off one coupon you'll still have a good bit of paper left. I cut the coupon section off and then put the piece of paper back in the printer. Make sure you put the straight side in and not the cut side.

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